the little cookie company that could...

Our Sweet Story


The sweet soul of Confetti Sweets

We believe in the butter way of life, using real butter that’s the key to melt-in-your-mouth magic. And let’s talk chocolate - we’re choc full of love for high-quality, luxurious chocolate that takes our cookies to a whole new cocoa level. From the first crumb to the last nibble, our cookies will leave you craving more. Don’t settle for anything less; treat yourself to cookie perfection that’s packed with love and quality ingredients.

Where cookie perfection is Mom-Approved

At Confetti Sweets, we believe that great taste and mom-approved quality go hand in hand. Our delightful journey started with Kathy, our talented and cookie-obsessed founder. In the early days, Kathy’s passion for cookies led her to hire fellow moms as her trusted allies in scooping out dough, ensuring each cookie was crafted with love and care. Inspired by those moments, we continue this tradition of homemade goodness in every batch we make. We invite you to experience the nostalgic flavors and heartwarming joy of our cookies that have delighted families for years.

Spreading Sweetness

From the very beginning, we set out on a mission to not only bring joy through cookies but also to give back to our community. With every purchase you make, we contribute a portion to local charities, supporting causes that warm our hearts. Join us on this delicious journey, knowing that every bite you take helps us create a sweeter world.

The Cookie Crew: Baked to Perfection

Behind every delectable batch of cookies at Confetti Sweets there’s a dream team of talented bakers who pour their heart and soul into every creation. Each member of our team has a unique touch that makes our cookies truly extraordinary. Curious to know who’s responsible for your favorite flavors? Click on the links below to discover our bakers’ top picks.

From Grumpy to Gooey

One bite of our scrumptious creations, and even the grumpiest of folks can’t resist breaking into a smile. Our cookies are not just a treat for your taste buds but a remedy for your soul.

Cookies for a Cause

We love giving back to the community that has supported us all these years.

We donate cookies to the Food Bank, the Bissell Centre, Operation Friendship, and Robinhood Association so that clients of those organizations can have a treat once in a while.

Due to the high volume of donation requests, we are not able to supply donations to all causes.

For more information, email or call the store at 780-570-5080.