Totally Awesome Cookies—Now Even Closer!

Totally Awesome Cookies—Now Even Closer!

Sep 30, 2016Bryan Kulba

We’re opening a new bakery location in the West end of Edmonton! We’re doing an ATB BoostR Campaign and we would love your help and support!

Check out and share our BoostR page here.

What’s a BoostR?

The ATB BoostR is basically a pre sale of goodies at a reduced price OR treats we don’t normally offer. IF we reach our goal by Nov 22, You receive your items purchased after that date (at your convenience). If we don’t reach it, you don’t pay for anything, but you don’t get any sweets – It’s kind of like the early days of Groupon!

What will we do with $20,000?

Baking supplies, ovens, mixers, chocolate chunks, sprinkles, new staff, and lots of pink paint!;)


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