Oscar Recap

Oscar Recap

May 18, 2016Bryan Kulba

Our second trip to the Oscars was very successful! Kathy and Steve had a blast! We wanted to share some of the back story with you as well as some photos of the awesome people Kathy and Steve met.

Confetti Sweets was asked to bake cookies for the stars…again! Owners Kathy and Steve Leskow flew to Hollywood a couple weeks ago to provide cookies to celebrities including those nominated for 2016’s Academy Awards.

Confetti Sweets provided cookies for the celebrity goodie bags at the 2014 CCMA Awards in Edmonton and they created such a sensation that they were asked to bring their ‘totally awesome cookies’ to the Oscars in 2015! Kathy and some of her team travelled to Hollywood with over a thousand cookies packed into their bags.

“The trip was deemed a success, but we had decided to stay put for 2016,” Kathy said. However when they called the week before the awards this year letting her know they had a last minute opening for a dessert table, she couldn’t resist the opportunity and had everything planned out in a couple hours!

The cookies were served at a pre-Oscar party for nominees, press, and hollywood types at the London West Hollywood Hotel.

Confetti Sweets started as a home based cookie company selling at farmer’s markets. We opened our 1st retail location in 2014, and a second location in South West Edmonton last November. We are so thankful for the huge amount of success we have experienced these last few years!

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